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Johnson introduce What's the difference between RGB and RGBW?

Johnson introduce What's the difference between RGB and RGBW?

milight led controller on, long signal transmitting and strong anti-interference, etc. Controller has auto-transmitting and auto-synchronizing function. Widely used on the controlling of hotel lighting and home lighting. It can be controlled by RF Remote Controller and also smart phone(Need WiFi Box).


For our Old RGB and RGBW controllers, the control distance is just within 30M, so it’s not inconvenient for bigger application and project. Now we add a new technology to settle this problem. The new technology is signal auto-transmitting function. For example, One strip controller can transmit the signals from the remote control to another controller within 30m, as long as there is a strip controller within 30m, the remote control distance can be limitless.


Below you can see a pics for reference:


Also, the remote controller can also make the controller with 9 color changing modes to satisfy more lighting atmosphere. Below is the details for the color changing modes:

1,Mardi Gras:  7 colors gradual change

2,Automatic color change:  7 colors drump to change

3,Sam:  Mixed white, green, blue and red color gradual change

4,Gemstone:  Green, blue,red and mixed white color gradual change

5,Twilight:  Red,green and blue color gradual change

6,American:  Red, mixed white and blue color gradual change

7,Fat Tuesday:  Blue, mixed white and red color gradual change

8,Party:  Mixed white,green,blue and red color gradual change

9,Slow color splash:  7 colors gradual change slowly

   Our RGB and RGBW controller not only work with RF Remote Controller. You can control it by your smart phone via our WiFi box. Also you can use third party voice control, such as Alexa and Google home.

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