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How to deal with the heat dissipation problem of LED Strip Light

LED light strips are used in many places in our daily lives. Like other light source lamps, the light strips and LED light controller will heat up if they are lit for a long time. So how to deal with the problem of light strip heating, let's take a look.


First of all, the reason for the heating of the light strip.


The commonly used light strip specifications are 12V and 24V. 12V is a 3-series parallel structure, and 24V is a 6-series multiple parallel structure.Due to the connection and use of LED light strips and LED strip light controller, each type of light strip is specific. When designing, the length of the connection time is related to the width of the circuit and the thickness of the copper foil. The current intensity is also related to the cross-sectional area of the wire. If the connection length exceeds the current that the wire can withstand during wiring, the light strip will heat up. If the heating time is too long, it will affect the service life of the circuit board and the light strip.


LED strips are connected in series and in parallel. When a group of circuits is short-circuited, the voltage of other lamp beads in the same group will increase, and the brightness of the lamp beads will increase. This will generate heat accordingly, especially 5050 strips. When any one of them is short-circuited in the chip circuit, the current of the other lamp beads will double, the brightness of the lamp beads will become super bright and super high, and the heat generation will increase sharply, which will cause the circuit board to burn in severe cases.


So how to deal with the heating of the light strip and LED controller APP?


First, the wiring in the loop should be as wide as possible during circuit design, and the distance between the lines should be 0.5mm. The remaining space should be full. The thickness of the copper foil should be as thick as possible, and will not violate the customer's requirements for the total thickness of the circuit board.


Then when printing solder paste in the production process, try not to make continuous tin phenomenon between the pads, so as to avoid solder short circuit due to poor printing. When installing, pay attention to the installation details to avoid short circuits. Check the position of the patch before reflow soldering, and check the appearance after reflow to ensure that the light strip is not short-circuited, and then perform electrical tests. When rechecking, pay attention to whether the brightness of the lamp beads is abnormal.


If the last conditions permit, you can make the light strip more time interval when you use the light strip, and try to avoid the overheating of the light strip after working for a long time.

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