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how my Poland Client James comment our remote controller?

How my Poland Client James comment our remote controller?

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Last month, one of my clients bought the some samples of our LED strip controller and compatible remote controller. Last week, they took the time to test one of our remote controller for single color LED controller. Below is the testing report.

1,Contrary to the information contained in the manual about the possibility of using NiMH batteries (photo 2), the remote control signals discharge at 2.61V, it stops working at 2.40V (2S). Please clarify us it. NiMH AAA batteries have a nominal voltage of 1.2V.

My comment:For the battery, the normal AAA battery is ok

2,It is not required to wait 10 seconds in the sequence of assigning / deleting the remote to / from the controller (photo 1). It should be clarified whether the instruction has an outdated record or whether the remark concerns, for example, selected controller models.

My comment:YES, usually 3 seconds is enough after switch off the power. but for new users, we want to make sure the linking is successfully.

3,Signaling of low batteries is noticeable when you press and hold the button - visible flashing of the red diode (photo 3). We suggest modifying the signaling so that even after a single touch, the LED signals low battery status.

My comment:I have tested at my side, the LED will flash for single touch.

4,One remote control has been correctly assigned:

- 4 controllers per channel,

- 1 controller per one channel.

Please confirm maximum number of controllers that can be assigned to one remote control, both per channel and for the entire remote control (photo 4).

My comment:If the distance is within 30M for no obstacle, the controllers can be limitless for one remote. so customer can easily link the controller as per their preference and application.

5,In the open space, the remote control correctly controlled the NWP / 9979 and NWP 9980 controller from a distance of approx. 70 m. The distance was reduced in the event of encountering obstacles, but in the closer (unmeasured distance) it was possible to communicate with the controller through such obstacles as the ceiling (basement / LAB), metal (Ulbricht sphere). Please confirm the maximum distance.

My comment:For 2.4G RF remote, if there is no obstacle, the max control distance is around 100M, but for actual use, there will be many obstacle, so we write the control distance within 30M. but the metal will block signals.

6,after replacing the batteries, it is not necessary to reassign the remote control to the controller.

My comment: Yes, correct

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